My Take On Legislation

This is where I will highlight certain Federal or State bills that I support or object to.  I may include my thoughts on city and county legislation at a later date.  


You may also be interested in my opinions on court decisions.  I have a special section on my website for Constitutional Amendments that I have written.


One of my main policy interests is election law reform, which I address more here.

Federal (2021) (Constitution & Federal Code/Current Law) (Bills)


- I object to H.R. 127 (Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act).  I think that the legislation will put too much of a burden on law-abiding, responsible gun owners. 


- I support H.J. Res 5.  It is a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would secure the right of adult citizens to vote, while excluding persons currently in jail or prison.


- I support the Equal Rights Amendment.


Minnesota (2021) (Constitution & Statutes/Current Law) (Bills)


- I support HF89 that would adopt Ranked Choice Voting in Minnesota.  I oppose any legislation that seeks to ban Ranked Choice Voting.


- I support HF1478 that would add "political affiliation" to the State's anti-discrimination law.


- I support the Equal Rights Amendment introduced in the State House & Senate.  It is a proposed Constitutional amendment that would help guarantee women's equality.


- I support the re-legalization and regulation of marijuana.   The Democratic-controlled House is largely in favor, but the Republican-controlled Senate is largely opposed.


North Dakota (2021) (Constitution & Statutes/Current laws) (Bills)



Local (City & County)