My Take On Court Cases

Here is my opinions on U.S. Supreme Court and Minnesota Supreme Court cases.  I am not a lawyer and these are not professional legal opinions.  You may also be interested in my opinions on legislation and my published letters/editorials.


You can find U.S. Supreme Court opinions at the Oyez Project and the official court webpage.  Likewise you can find Minnesota Supreme Court cases on the official webpage.   Local law libraries will also have federal and state laws and court opinions in books.


I have a special section that focuses on major U.S. Supreme Court cases impacting people of color as well as LGBTQ people.


U.S. Supreme Court - 1st Amendment/14th Amendments 


- I support most of what the high court has said about the First Amendment, with the exception of how the court has often viewed the First Amendment in terms of election law and voting rights.


- I support the associative rights that the court has outlined in the following cases; Hurley v. Irish American Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Group of Boston (1995), Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000), even through I may personally object to how these private, voluntary associations utilize their freedom.


- I support what the court said about ballot access (for qualified candidates and political parties) in Williams v. Rhodes (1968) and in Anderson v. Celebrezze (1983).  I believe that the Anderson decision calls for more rigorous scrutiny of harsh ballot access laws then the court has been willing to entertain.


- I support what the court said about the right to vote in; Harper v. Virginia Board of Education (1966).


- I object to the court upholding a State ban on write-in votes; Burdick v. Takushi (1992) and I also oppose the court upholding a State ban on electoral fusion; Timmons v. Twin Cities Area New Party (1997). 


- I object to the court's opinion in Ark. Educ. Television Comm'n v. Forbes (1998), Bush v. Gore (2000), 


- I support the Constitutional right to privacy, aka substantive due process.  I generally support what the court has said in; Roe. Wade (1973), Lawrence v. Texas (2003)


 U.S. Supreme Court - 2nd Amendment

- I support the two recent cases that defended the personal liberty contained in the 2nd Amendment.  These cases are District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) and McDonald v. Chicago (2010).


Minnesota Supreme Court Decisions


- I believe that the State Constitution protects a right to privacy, as does the state high court.  See generally; State v Gray (1987) and The Women of State of Minnesota v.  Gomez (1995).


North Dakota Supreme Court Decisions