Here is a brief biography for me, as well as contact information.

Edward TJ Brown (aka Eddie Brown) was born April 19th, 1979 in Tucson, Arizona.   He grew up in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia where he had the opportunity to learn about many different cultures, languages, customs and creeds. 


During his 10th and 11th grade years, Brown attended high school at the Alexander Dawson School in Colorado.  His senior year was spent at an American DOD school in Bahrain.  After graduation, Brown moved back to the United States, settling in western Minnesota.


Brown enrolled at Minnesota State University Moorhead to pursue a degree in History, Political Science and Paralegal degree.    As a student, Brown was elected several times to the Student Senate, became a member of the Political Science Honor Society (Pi Sigma Alpha), wrote columns for the student newspaper, participated in anti-racism education (TOCAR) and co-founded a nonpartisan student organization called, Friends of Democracy. 


Friends of Democracy was founded with the late David Helfter to get students engaged in the political process and to lobby for campaign law reforms (i.e. voting rights and ballot access law reform).


In 2004, Brown earned an undergraduate degree in History, with a minor in Political Science.  He hopes to return to school someday to finish his education.


Brown also had several of his letters to the editor published in local and regional newspapers. 


He currently resides in western Minnesota where he is active in several organizations, including Amnesty International USA, the MN 7th Congressional District DFL, the Minnesota District 8 DFL, Minnesota District 8B DFL, Prairie Equality Initiative, Partners for a Progressive Israel, American Voters For Human Rights,


Communication with Edward TJ Brown can be done via his primary email account (yahoo) or his secondary email account (google).  You can also find Brown on Facebook, Twitter,