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Disclaimer: I personally do not use illegal drugs (never have), not I do advocate for the use of illegal drugs or other victimless crimes.  I believe in being tough on crime as well as tough on the causes of crime.

I personally think that the War on Drugs has failed to tackle drug addiction, failed to keep our communities safe from violence and contributed to the militarization of law enforcement.


My opinion may not be popular -- yet -- but it was heavily influenced by a book I read in high school titled, Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do by the late Peter McWilliams.


In his book, McWilliams makes a libertarian argument in favor of the legalization of consensual crime or victimless crime laws.  I am not sure that I agree with such a radical idea, and my interest in libertarianism was limited to my teenager years, but I do believe that policy alternatives to Drug War should be seriously debated, especially with regards to marijuana prohibition.


In light of my opinions, I created (back when I was a college student) a MSUM chapter of N.O.R.M.L (National Organization for the Reform Of Marijuana Laws).  N.O.R.M.L seeks the re-legalization of adult (21+), responsible, nonviolent marijuana usage.  Kevin R. Shores was very helpful in running the organization.


Alas, we did not have much luck in changing the Minnesota or North Dakota laws, but it is nice to see such efforts have been continued in both states.