my experiences in colorado

I lived right outside of Boulder, Colorado while attending high school (10th and 11th grades) at the Alexander Dawson School.  This would have been, roughly, 1995 - 1997.


For various reasons, too numerous and messy to try and explain here (OK, mostly because I was being harassed), I transferred my senior year to an American DOD high school in Bahrain (an island in the Middle East).


It was in Colorado, that I become involved with Mock Trial, Creating Writing, Student government, Election Law, Amnesty International, the Colorado Progressive Coalition and the LGBTQ community (especially Colorado PFLAG and a youth group).


I purchased books on the Jewish faith and American Jewish history, something that I could not do in the Middle East. As well as several history books on LGBT rights as well as books on Russian history (the later being especially interesting in light of the recently ended Cold War).


Colorado was also where I read Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do by the late Peter McWilliams.


The book introduced me to libertarianism and it was during my teenager years that I began to read works by Ayn Rand and other Objectivist/Libertarian authors (i.e. David Boaz, Milton Friedman, Charles Murray, etc).


This was also when I became interested in American election law, voting rights, voting methods and the history of major and third political parties. 


I have long since rejected the libertarian philosophy (I grew up and had more life experiences), something which I discuss a bit more here, and I am an Independent-minded supporter of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (Minnesota Democrats).


However, I still object to government discrimination against serious third political party candidates (and the Libertarian party is probably the most organized minor party in modern-day America).  This includes discriminatory ballot access rules, campaign finance rules and debate inclusion rules.