I was born April, 1979 in Tucson, Arizona.


I grew up in Dhahran (Class of 1995!), Saudi Arabia. My childhood hobbies included video games, comic books, science fiction, horror, fantasy, history, camping, Scouts, creative writing, playing war games outside and environmental awareness.


I spent many fun summers in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and attended many cultural events in the area, such as county fairs and the Phelps Mills Festival.


I spent my 10th and 11th grades at Alexander Dawson in Colorado.  I graduated from the DOD Bahrain High School (an island off the coast of Saudi Arabia) in 1998.


I returned to the United States in 1999 and settled in Perham, Minnesota.


I lived in Moorhead, Minnesota for several years while pursing a degree in history, political science and paralegal at Minnesota State University Moorhead.


As an undergraduate student, I got involved with the Ten Percent Society, was a columnist for the student newspaper, got elected several times to the Student Senate, formed two student organizations -- MSUM Friends of Democracy and MSUM NORML -- rebuilt the MSUM College Democrats and participated in anti-racism and anti-homophobia training


This was in addition to my excellent academic standing, including being inducted into the National Political Science Honor Society.


I ran for Moorhead City mayor in 2001, and I would like to run for elected office some time in the future, possibly as a State legislative or Congressional candidate (I live in the MN 7th Congressional District). 


I discuss my Viewpoints, Opinions and Beliefs on many other subjects, including politics, here.  If you think that I would make a good State legislator or Congressman, feel free to contact me.


Recently, 2019, I started a organization called, the Prairie Equality Initiative to address homophobia and transphobia in West Central Minnesota/lakes region.  This Initiative is a continuation of the work that a Detroit Lakes, Minnesota group called S.O.H.R. (Sexual Orientation and Human Rights) Minnesota did, starting around 2000.